Simple Facts

by Close Kept

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released May 20, 2016

Written by Charlie Wynne and Scott Hartge

Recorded by Seth Engel at The Owlery
Mixed by Matt Reich
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room

Artwork by David Kasnic and Make and Co.


all rights reserved



Close Kept Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Preamble
"That doesn't look too good.
Let me show you what you should wear.
In the meantime here's a comb,
why don't you run it through your unmanageable
curly red hair?"

I'd like to be the stitch
holding tight every inch
of cloth that drapes
from our skin.

If I come undid,
you'll roll me up
between your finger and you thumb
until you've finally had enough and
toss me to the ground.

Then you brought me that new t-shirt
with far fewer holes.
Said it looked real clean.
You said I smelt like
a foreign factory.

Is that what you like?

These things aren't mine
they only help define
what you can't find,
you can't read
on my jawline.

We always thought that we'd be the ones to stop this.
We always thought that we would explode on impact,
but it's better to anticipate than partake.
I know.

So we just wait.
We wait for it all.
Track Name: Our Neighbor's Roof
We wear summer in our hair;
chlorine and high humidity.

I'd like to be stuck between
your buttons and your seam,
clinging to your floral dress
at the center of your chest.

You said you'd never leave those frames behind.
They look good and they block out the sunshine.
Then you left them on the west-side between
dinner and the bus ride
waiting for someone else to find.

I hope they wear them all the time.

We sit in an ATM vestibule,
let our blood cool.
There's sand in the sheets brought from the beach
carried on our feet.

So when our skin turns pink again,
I'll stop and buy some SPF.
"We'll get sick at our own expense
from drinking red out of boxes,"

you said.
Track Name: Party Sweater
I'm so scared no one cares what I did yesterday.
It makes me sick that everyone knows
where I was twelve hours ago.
It's your day off.
I wish you'd bug off
standing in line
buying discount white wine.

How many times can I speak my mind
until you've heard it all before?
Your opinion is moot,
you're in a goddamn salty mood
and you've had something to prove since the day you got
that chip in your tooth.

Save it all up for the aftermath well after the point.
Chalk it all up to the simple facts, no multiple choice.
Only now and then will one of us address
the harsh flip of that coin.
If you're not with us then get lost.

This party's ok.
Yeah these kids are ok,
but this beer feels great.
Not as good as your high waist.
I'm starting to feel sick.
The room is doing the spins.
I think they're drinking cheap shit.
My stomach can't take it.

I'm gonna puke all over you,
could you take a few steps back?
Right on queue, you say,
"Let's get some drunken food."
I'll listen about how your apartment sucks
and the rent is due.

Sober up on the walk back to the nearest train.
Count it lucky for every crack we step on the way.
We'll remember that we forgot the last one already came
but that's alright we like the night air in our lungs anyway.

I won't mention the wrong direction
that we're headed from my place.
I'll stay quiet as you climb up
the five steps of your staircase.
I hear the keys come from your pocket
and then unlock the door frame.

Then I'll catch a cab like I'm twenty-eight.
Track Name: Rosehill
Though I'm not too sure I have the answer
I like to think on it now and again.
Like, "What happened to our old friends?
The ones who left the state when
their parents got better jobs and moved away."
It probably wasn't their fault, no not at all.
But we can't help but wonder why they never called.

Saw your last name on a cemetery tombstone.
Thought about how all of us are slowly getting old.
Looked down at my feet,
saw the bouquets wilting
from the rain this past week.

I told myself I'd never come back again
without a proper cause or a reason.
The grass is far too wet for these soles,
we can't leave without getting damp ourselves.

A friend got in a fist fight, said he's feeling alright.
If I thought he looked bad, well then, I should have seen the other guy.
He asked me what I thought about bastards getting off
by punching humble people like us.

And, "How come we're always told what we are doing wrong?"
And, "How come it's always when we're doing what we want?
I can't be the only one who doesn't want to grow up or shut up."

Is that enough?
It's not enough.

We'll take our petty coats and wear them until their
buttons fall off.
We'll wear our tennis shoes and run until our
bones show through.
We won't ask for anymore, no, this is all we can afford.
We'd rather be poor than ignored.
Track Name: Another Day
I lost my foot again on my backstep.
With my mouth wide open I said that
I am just a hypocrite, self proclaimed lunatic.
I know, we are just afraid of death
and the things that we'll forget.
Who will forget me?
What will they do with my things?

Don't sell my things.

Years spent quietly in the middle of the country
lets our minds ease and our eyes see
that we all go to the same place
but we all take a different way.

Looks like we'll make it another day
until the sun blocks out the shade
and what was black, we'll call it gray.
I never like this anyway.

Does it make sense?
I guess that depends.
We started strong.
Got lost by the end.

Just because it wasn't headed for us,
didn't mean we'd never get touched.

If we last through the summer, stay here for all September,
maybe then this time we'll stay here for a little while.
But never mind.

If we last through the winter, stay warm for all of December,
thinking that this time we'll stay here for a little while.
But never mind.

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